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Romahome delivers Power to the People
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Compact, versatile, affordable motorhomes are the Holy Grail for buyers.

So it’s hardly surprising that during more than 30 years of production, Romahome motorhomes have gathered a very loyal band of followers.

Many are active, outdoor types and for the 2013 model year the Isle-of-Wight based manufacturer is concentrating on making its recently revised line-up an even better choice for those who like to get away from it all.

Streamlined profile

The New R20 Lo, launched at ExCel in the Spring, offers a streamlined profile thanks to a roof height of just 1.92 metres that allows it to fit into most domestic garages, multi-storey car parks, or the secure underground parking areas offered with many contemporary apartment developments.

But for those who would rather have a fixed roof motorhome and have no parking worries, there’s the equally popular R20 Hi which, at 2.44 metres, gives permanent standing room in the habitation quarters.

Both the New R20 Romahome Lo and Hi (launched at NEC in 2011 and soon garnering praise from awards judges) compact coachbuilt motorhomes are based on the latest, face-lifted Citroen New Berlingo with Euro 5 compliant HDi90 engines and are emissions zone compliant not only in London but also across Europe, giving total freedom from emissions zone worries wherever their owners may wander for years to come.

“Some buyers comment that the 1.6 litre turbodiesel will not be up to the job but there’s real power from this latest generation Euro 5 engine,” comments Romahome Managing Director Brian Bailey.

“Several potential buyers have challenged the lack of a 2.0 litre engine but many don’t realise that with the current drive for economy its power and torque that count far more than cylinder capacity. It’s a common misconception that cylinder capacity.”

Romahome models draw buyers with a great variety of potential uses for their new motorhome. Part of the appeal is the compact footprint – New R20 will sit on a driveway and on the road it’s as easy to drive as many family cars. For those on a tight budget, it will usefully double as a family runabout thanks to the option of twin rear seats, each with three point safety belts.

Lifestyle boost

Better still is the lifestyle choice a Romahome brings. It’s straightforward to just pack up and go without worrying about hitching a caravan to a tow car.

For those with active outdoor hobbies, it’s as easy to get to obscure places as it is when driving a family estate car. But when you arrive, there’s no pitching of tents in the wind, rain, or dark. Simply move from the front to the back and get on with your life.

Fixing a meal on the go is simple - a grill is fitted as standard beneath the cooker while under the sink is a toilet with space to comfortably use it in situ when pulled from its cupboard

The standard model has two single extendable beds - which also convert into a lengthways double bed. Pelmets and under-seat areas have also been modified to improve storage – to provide greater flexibility for people who travel together to indulge hobbies but who are not couples.

The generous amount of storage also means that belongings can be hidden from prying eyes when the vehicle is parked and unattended, far more secure than relying on the honesty of people not to open a tent and much easier than carrying everything as you hike, climb, fish or birdwatch.

Power boost

With the new option of solar panels, the possibilities of life off the beaten track are greatly increased. In areas that allow wild camping, such as much of Scotland, solar panels will greatly enhance the charged life of the vehicle batteries to run interior lights and appliances, such as the fan for the diesel-powered heating that’s a Romahome option.

The British-made GBSolar 120 watt panel is just 1.5 mm thick, permanently mounted to cover much of the motorhome’s roof. The 2 kgs weight is insignificant but the effect on versatility is immense. If there is daylight the panel charges both the main vehicle and leisure batteries and also help increase battery life. Solar power adds £1,000 to the cost of the R20 but offers freedom from mains hook-up for long periods.

The Lo roof now takes less effort to lift and pull down while the canvas insert has more plastic for extra light. The small Heki rooflight is now standard on the Hi and there are two LED lights in the roof plus a striplight for the Hi models and four LED lights in the Lo.

Prices for the New R20 start at £30,995 on the road with either Hi or Lo roof. Spare mass to allow for owner belongings and provisions without extra equipment is excess of 200 kgs.

Wide choice

Romahome now offers a wide choice of motorhomes, with two panel van conversions and three compact coachbuilts in regular production and a larger coachbuilt to special order.

The R10 offers a single berth as standard and has become popular with people who take up solitary sports such as fishing – although one buyer has also used the R10 as a mobile art studio that allows access to the great outdoors whatever the whether.

Above the New R20 is the R25, which shares the same Citroen New Berlingo base vehicle but offers a larger coachbuilt body.

Top of the regular model range is the R30, a panel van conversion based on the Citroen Relay which offers a compact alternative to vehicles such as the Volkswagen T5, bringing a higher standard specification at lower prices and with no compromise on quality. It has innovative features such as a sliding door to the shower compartment and slide-out wardrobe. Based on the Citroen Dispatch, Romahome also offers the R40 larger coachbuilt to special order.

Pioneering warranty

Romahome was the first motorhome manufacturer to offer a 10 year warranty on its conversions and, uniquely, this covers the interior GRP furnishings as well as the main bodyshell.

“We introduced the warranty 12 years ago and it was only when I saw others doing the same in the last two years or so that I stopped to think about our warranty,” explained Brian Bailey.

“It occurred to me that we had been giving 10 year cover for a decade but the reason it never crossed my mind is because no-one has ever needed to claim on it.

“I’ve watched other makers boast of their 10 years warranties, some of which have quickly become an extra cost option and others featuring diminishing manufacturer contributions when a claim is made. Ours remains exactly the same, with the only condition that a Romahome dealer carries out an annual inspection, which would normally be part of the habitation check.

“It’s a real boost to our models in the pre-owned market, where every motorhome we’ve ever made is still in high demand. It powers very strong residual values, which does more to reduce the cost of ownership than anything else, even though it’s an aspect most owners completely overlook!”

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