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New approach from Romahome


Romahome is moving production into a new, modern plant at Cowes on the Isle of Wight as the first step in a new approach.

The switch comes as changes to EU rules on commercial vehicles leads to the introduction of electronic stability programs (ESP) across the European commercial vehicle parc for 2014, affecting the ability of many converters to continue with existing models.

“I understand that these new ESP rules could affect any converter and not just those creating motorhomes that extend the original length of the base vehicle,” explains Romahome Managing Director Brian Bailey.

“It’s a radical change but Romahome has a solution and will be turning to building new R20 Hi and Lo bodies on the best quality used Berlingo vans. We have a massive supply available through our parent company, Freeborn Group, which is probably the largest privately owned Citroen dealer chain in the UK.

“At a time when many manufacturers are challenged by rising costs, the changes we are implementing at Romahome will control overheads and give buyers many new options.

“We realise that, going forward, we will need a new base for the R20 and already we are looking at alternative, long-term solutions.”

A system of menu pricing is being introduced by Romahome, allowing owners to choose the age and mileage of the Berlingo on which their new Romahome is constructed. Brian Bailey says this allows buyers to specify the vehicle they want and still meet their budget requirements.

“This is a new direction for R20 but is a formula we have already applied to our larger R40 six berth model for some time and which we have also used of late for our R30 panel van conversion,” he adds.

“Owners have trimmed several thousand pounds off the new list price but still get what many new motorhome buyers value most – a living area that has not been used by anyone else.”

Costs will also be trimmed through the move to a new and more modern production facility, permitting more efficient manufacturing without any compromise on build quality.

“Romahome was the first manufacturer to offer a 10 year conversion warranty and while others have made great play of following our lead some have then made it a cost option or reduced the standard period of cover,” says Brian.

“Our commitment to quality is undiluted as many of the craftsmen working in the old Romahome factory are transferring to the new plant, although new processes mean there will inevitably be a small shrinkage in numbers.

“I have spoken to all our dealers and they are aware of the changes. They will still be able to offer the Romahome R10 and R30 based on brand new panel van conversions, which are unaffected by the ESP changes.

“Romahomes have long been a popular choice with buyers and the reason we have been in the market for more than 30 years is that we have always been flexible and able to adapt. So while there’s plenty that’s new in Romahome, nothing changes for our customers other than our ability to be even more competitive!

“Romahome will be on stand Number 9-145 at the October NEC motorhome show under The Romahome Centre for customers to view the full range, including the all-new conversions on used base vehicles.”


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