Are you looking after your R25?

If you're the owner of a Romahome R25 then hopefully you'll have noticed the black, metal subframe that connects the to the back of your Citroen Berlingo chassis and supports the underside and back end of your R25. It looks like this...

R25 Sub frame

Production of the Romahome R25 started in 2009, so some of these sub-frames are coming up to their tenth birthday and they will have had a very hard ten years. Imagine being underneath a vehicle, travelling in all conditions, being hit by stones and's a sad thought really.

Many of our R25 owners have been taking good care of their subframes, in fact, we had a lovely couple pop in to see us last month with a 2011 model and their frame looked fantastic. Their secret (although it's not really a secret), regular maintenace that consisted of the annual application of Hammerite.

So why are you telling us this Romahome? We already know what we are doing!

Well...we have had a few enquiries and two sub frame replacements this quarter and although we appreciate seeing our wonderful Romahomers, we would rather it be under better circumstances. Prevention is better than cure as they say.

Romahome R25 - Subframe Replacement

Now, we know from reading posts from members of the Small Motorhome Forum that the majority of owners do a great job of looking after their Romahomes but we know sometimes, these things can get forgotten.

If you have't done it for a while, get yourself a good look at the under the back end of your R25. Can you see rust?

No - Phew! Just make sure from now on you get your frame checked and painted with Hammerite (or similar product) at least once a year to protect that frame.

Yes, but only on the surface - Don't panic. You will need to get full access to the frame and clear off any surface rust, then give it a thorough coating of Hammerite (or similar product) to protect it.

Yes and it doesn't look good - In this instance, we recommend that you get your frame inspected by a metalwork specialist. It may be something they could repair for you. If not your may need a trip to Romahome HQ for a replacement.

If you're unsure about the condition of your frame, please contact us on 01983 292451 or email us at

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