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KALOSA clinic is a dedicated center for all exquisite female oriented services provided by a senior gynecologist. Kalosa Aesthetics caters all kinds of laser treatments, anti–aging and chemical peeling treatments. These treatments are done on the face, body as well as intimate areas. Visit the best cosmetic gynecology clinic in Delhi NCR. Also avail female-centric plastic surgery in Delhi NCR at Kalosa Aesthetics.

Get the best Liposuction in Delhi NCR at Kalosa Aesthetics, plastic surgery clinic in India. Liposuction is a surgical technique performed to eliminate stubborn fat pockets from different body areas by making a minimal incision and inserting a thin cannula. The most common areas include double chin/neck, abdomen/back/flanks, arms, hips, enlarged male breast, and thighs. The efficacy of fat removal by liposuction is greatly improved by the development of new methods. Traditional liposuction makes use of a suction-fitted cannula that is manually moved back and forth to dislodge fat and remove it with vacuum suction. Power-assisted liposuction involves the use of a rapidly vibrating cannula, VASER or ultrasound-assisted liposuction use ultrasound energy to melt the fat, and laser-assisted liposuction uses laser energy to disrupt the fat cells by thermal energy. Visit Kalosa Aesthetics, to know more about liposuction body contouring treatment in detail.

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