Romahome Génération R50 - Only available in USED!

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Romahome New Generation R50


The latest addition to the Romahome family, the Génération is a fusion of renowned Romahome quality with a modern view of individualism and personal style.


The Romahome Génération is for the adventurer, the weekend escape artist who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle and into the great outdoors. Taking with them all they need to shut off from the world and immerse themselves in whatever it is that makes them happy.


With enough seatbelts to be able to use as your everyday vehicle and a drive smooth enough to make you want to, the Citroen Dispatch does not disappoint as a base vehicle, from the basic model right through to the exclusive plus edition, we have never had such a great ride. 




Exterior Length                              4.96m / 16ft 3in

Exterior Width (mirrors out)          2.20m / 7ft 2in

Exterior Height                              1.90m /  6ft 2in

RIB Bed Length                              1.85m / 6ft 1in

RIB Bed Width                                1.04m / 3ft 5in

Bifold Bed Length                          2.43m / 8ft 0in

Bifold Bed Width                            1.10m / 3ft 7in    



Citroen Dispatch 95bhp               51.4 Combined

Citroen Dispatch 115bhp             54.3 Combined

Citroen Dispatch 120bhp             53.3 Combined

Romahome New Generation R50