Romahome R10 - only available in USED!

Romahome R10
Romahome R10

Romahome R10
Romahome R10

Romahome R10
Romahome R10

Romahome R10
Romahome R10


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Romahome R10 - Currently only available as used.


With refined, subtle looks, a spacious, versatile interior and outstanding fuel economy, there is much to recommend the Romahome R10. This one-berth motorhome provides everything you need to make the most of travelling out and about.


The R10 occupies the compact end of the Romahome spectrum. At 3.75m in length and 1.93m in height, this model maintains a level of manoeuvrability not usually found in a motorhome, allowing it to navigate crowded city streets with ease when necessary. Adapted from the sturdy Citroën Nemo panel van architecture, the R10 consequently offers a smooth ride and durable handling under almost any circumstances.


The practical interior of the R10 offers a comfortable living environment, along with a number of ingenious space solutions. The roof, when extended, offers significantly increased headroom, while the clever 'Extenso' seating arrangement allows for easy switching between a seat and bed setup. All the modern motorhome conveniences are provided as standard, including a fresh water tank, toilet facility and mains hookup, in addition to the second battery with a charger. For cooking, a twin hob is provided at the side, meaning that comfort and convenience are guaranteed.


The list of options is extensive and includes reversing sensors, Propex blown air heating, a lightweight awning and a drop-down TV/DVD player for entertainment. Numerous trim levels are available – enquire today for more details.


In terms of fuel economy, the R10 truly outshines almost every other motorhome on the road. The efficient 1.3-litre diesel engine unit found under the bonnet delivers up to 62.8mpg combined – an incredible feat for any type of vehicle, let alone a motorhome.


To find out more about the Romahome R10, get in touch today. One of our team members will be happy to tell you more about the benefits and trim levels of this fantastic compact motorhome.





Exterior Length                              3.86m / 12ft 8in

Exterior Width (mirrors out)          2.01m / 6ft 7in

Exterior Width (mirrors in)            1.68m / 5ft 6in

Exterior Height                              1.93m / 6ft 4in




Single - Length                              1.93m / 6ft 4in

            - Width                               0.54m / 1ft 9in